A self - fold gas flow meter production license will be pushed to the six models
2019-09-18 17:12:59

Azbil Corporation's azbil instrument (Dalian) Limited company in accordance with the provisions of the People's Republic of China "measurement Law", has obtained the micro flow gas meter production license, will launch six models in September 25th this year to China market, by the local legal azbil Automation Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. responsible for the domestic market sales of Chinese.
The gas flow meter for localization in China is the mass flowmeter, which is built by the company to develop the high sensitivity, high speed response type micro flow sensor, MicroSensor. Mainly used in industrial production equipment and industrial gas and gas measurement in all kinds of factories. Products are rich in variety, can be selected according to the use and range. Including gas mass flowmeter (model: CMS), the gas mass flow monitor (model: CMG), a gas flow controller (model: MPC/MQV), thermal vortex flowmeter (model: MVF), medium pressure gas flow meter (model: CMP).
The localization of production and sales of gas flow meters in China, aimed at achieving the optimization of the global logistics system, enhance the ability to supply products for regional characteristics.
So far, our sales in the market all Chinese micro flow gas meter are in the local factory production exported to Japan, China after China need to accept the metrology standard, and the verification process to spend several weeks, leading to a long delivery time. A self - fold instrument (Dalian) Co., Ltd. constructed a set of flow meter calibration device, and according to the "People's Republic of China measurement method" to obtain the production license. This indicates that we have the ability to meet the production and delivery of the "People's Republic of China metrology" products, with shorter delivery time and more preferential prices, let China customers enjoy safe and reliable products.
A self fold group around the concept of "human centered automation", to carry out structural reform, promote the layout of globalization. In Japan, with the maturity of the market, changing the market structure, azbil play through three business (building automation, advanced automation business and life Automation) complementary advantages between enterprises, and strive to create a sustainable development pattern, and this pattern of development in the world, in order to improve the operating efficiency.
Through the localization of production in China, a self - self - Control Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. gas quality flow meter first annual sales are expected to double, 2 years growth of 3 times.