Development of high precision intelligent ultrasonic liquid flowmeter
2019-09-18 17:12:16

In various production process, many occasions to the liquid flow or flow rate measurement, and some occasions, according to the production process control.
According to different principles, flow meters generally have the following types: differential pressure flowmeter, fluid resistance flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, and the flow of the pressure meter and ultrasonic flow meter and so on.
Above all kinds of different principles of flow meter, only the ultrasonic can do non - contact measurement. In the industry, due to the diversification of the liquid medium is corrosive, especially hard particles such as poor mining conditions of liquid, the contact principle of flowmeter running life and measurement accuracy will be very poor, even unable to work. Therefore, ultrasonic flowmeter in these industrial and mining conditions will be able to play a role in improving the level of production and management, and promote the improvement of the degree of automation.
Compared with other types of ultrasonic liquid flowmeter flowmeter has many advantages, such as it can achieve non-contact measurement, no insert parts of the measuring pipe, no additional fluid resistance, is not affected by the medium viscosity, conductivity and corrosion resistance of the impact, but in the development of high precision ultrasonic liquid flowmeter in the process of regulation, there are many the need to study and solve problems and difficulties.