Our company on the LZB- stainless steel glass rotor flow meter introduction
2019-09-26 09:17:35

Dear customer:
Know that you need BF - LZB flow meter, this flowmeter in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and water treatment and other industries in the use of more, is my company's hot products.
This product is characterized by beautiful appearance, but also has anti-corrosion properties. Beautiful appearance, because the majority of parts of the flowmeter material is stainless steel. Anti-corrosion performance is good, because the flow meter is where the contact with the media are the parts are covered with PTFE.
This product we have different from the peer:
The difference is that we choose the stainless steel material can meet the standard of the national standard 304. Our incoming inspection of stainless steel material is used in Germany imported spectrometer to detect, so the material can be guaranteed. We are on the base of the flowmeter to play the material standards, commitment to the stainless steel material, but also willing to accept the customer's inspection and supervision.
The difference is two, for a lot of stainless steel base are cast type, so the base will inevitably have sand holes and spots, finish is not good. And we are made of stainless steel profiles (according to our understanding, at present in our country is only one so doing), so there is no sand hole, so the finish is good, beautiful appearance, long life.
The difference between the three, our company is one of the People's Republic of China national verification regulation "JJG257-2007" the drafting unit of rotameter. The quality of the LZB - type glass rotor flowmeter produced by us has been recognized by the China Institute of metrology.
Dear customers, thank you for choosing our products, choose us is to choose rest assured that we are willing to cooperate and win-win cooperation.