Type selection and using method of metal rotor flow meter
2019-09-18 16:53:20

In the factory of our factory energy dynamic power measurement, a test element is mainly based on the hole plate, because some users are small, there is a small signal can not be accurate measurement of the problem. In order to solve this problem, we tried to use metal rotameter as a detection element of small flow measurement, in long gas medium steel plant oxygen metering system and metering system in machinery plant oxygen measuring system, application, in which oxygen measurement system of medium factory, metal rotameter has been running for several months, achieved the measurement result is excellent. Below on the characteristics of the metal rotor flow meter and the selection and use of the problem to do a brief.
Measurement principle and characteristics of metal rotor flow meter
The measurement part of the metal rotameter by Kong Banhe cone type float, when the fluid flows upward through the tube, cone type float upward movement, to achieve balance in a certain position, the annular float and the orifice is maintained, and the annular area and float height is proportional to the float and a high representative through the size of the flow, and moves up and down, transfer to the external indicator to the magnetic coupling in the form of displacement of the indicator pointer follow the float, and the cam plate the pointer indicates the size of linear flow.
Features: metal rotor flow meter is simple in structure, reliable in operation, wide in application and high in range, generally 10:1